Company History



Mission Statement

To perform in such a manner which customers, principals, and competitors readily identify us as the premier manufacturer’s representative group in the Western United States.


Silver Mountain was incorporated in Arizona in 1979 as an engineering/design group doing a variety of projects for customers in the Southwestern United States.  The company was converted to a manufacturer’s representative group in 1981 with a primary focus on the sales of high-end custom mechanical parts.  We have since gained focus and expertise in the fields of circuitry (to include flex and rigid-flex) and interconnect products.


Sales Strategies

We believe in selling at the highest levels possible at the earliest possible stage in the development of a program or project.  We sell at program, engineering, and procurement levels and are accustomed to being involved in both short and long term developments.  Product knowledge is key to our success; therefore, we believe both product and sales training is vital.