EMI, RFI and EMP Connectors

Territory Represented: Arizona, El Paso, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, Utah


FilConn, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom aerospace and MIL Spec grade specialty connectors. Our primary focus is filter and transient suppression connectors, but we make a wide variety of unique devices that are engineered for specific applications.

At FilConn, Inc. each customer is assigned to an engineer who has years of experience in the design and manufacture of filter connectors. Our customers get their technical questions answered fast through dialogue with technically knowledgeable staff.

The filter connector industry has a history of custom designs, long lead times and slow time to market. At FilConn we have taken specific steps to reduce lead times and increase product time to market. We have developed unique agreements with our key component suppliers. These agreements reduce product lead time and allow us to deliver fil-ter connector products quickly and efficiently. In addition FilConn has invested in various capital equipment purchases. This allows us to manufacture many of the components required to build filter connect-ors in house effectively eliminating supplier lead times. The ability to control lead times for components in house translates to a time-to- market that is measured in days, not weeks.



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Phone: (480) 222-3565