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  • Connector design and manufacturing
  • Micro-miniature and nano-miniature high reliability
  • Electronic connectors and interconnect systems

Omnetics Connector Corporation is a privately held, world class, connector design and manufacturing company with over 25 years of experience focused on Micro-miniature and Nano-miniature high reliability electronic connectors and interconnect systems.

Omnetics Quality Policy: Omnetics Connector Corporation strives to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of high quality products delivered on time and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.

Services: Omnetics maintains a large off-the-shelf (COTS) inventory. Our worldwide distribution and sales team is experienced in supporting both standard and customized designs for connector miniaturization to form, fit and function.


  • Micro and Nano Strip Connectors
  • Micro Circulars with and without latches
  • Squeeze latch Nano Circulars
  • Bi Lobe (QPL) with and without latches
  • Polarized Nano Connectors
  • Micro D with and without latches
  • Threaded Micro and Nano Connectors
  • Breakaway Micro and Nano Connectors
  • Twist Lock Micro Circulars

Although Omnetics Connector Corporation has distributors throughout the world, there is only one manufacturing plant, which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

  • Omnetics Connector Corporation
  • 7260 Commerce Circle East
  • Minneapolis, MN 55432
  • (763)572-0656
  • (763)572-3925
  • Website: www.omnetics.com
  • Email: sales@omnetics.com 
  • Silver Mountain Design
  • 5353 North 16th Street, Suite 300
  • Phoenix, AZ 85016
  • (800) 344-5689
  • smdinfo@silvermountaindesign.com